AssureRec - Medical Record Retrieval Services

End to End Medical Record Retrieval

medical recordsTelegenisys provides exceptionally accurate, result oriented and rapid record retrieval from medical facilities. Our process is mature and our cycle times are aggressive. Our staff is compensated based on case closure and this provides end to end result orientation in the process.

We can be cost effective because we operate in a highly scalable and secure environment offshore. Our security services are ISO 9001 certified and we pride ourselves in being a highly effective organization. Our price points are based on volume of work we do for a client..

medical recordsThis process entails ensuring a HIPAA compliant request can be prepared with the documentation provided. If documentation is complete we send out a facility request within 4 business hours of the case and immediately follow-up to get a quick turn-around for records. If the facility policy does not prevent it we collect records by fax immediately, otherwise we follow-up until records are collected and sent to our client. We do not hold records for our clients, we simply collect them and deliver them as rapidly as possible. If additional records processing is required, we will deliver the records as received and follow up with sorted or augmented records. The fees are per facility that has records for the patient and do not include facility charges for copying or using a copy service. Our cycle times do not include contingent delays in getting complete requests or specific facility demands which include customized authorizations for certain hospitals based on their policy.

Telegenisys, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Fairfield, CA